NAC-8K-DS Single-phase Inverter Benefits in Distributed PV Power Plants


According to the current national grid related policies, single-phase grid-connected power stations generally do not exceed 8 kilowatts, or three-phase grid-connected networks are required. In addition, some rural areas in China do not have three-phase power, and they can only install single-phase when they approve the project (when they want to use three-phase power, they must pay tens of thousands of yuan in construction costs). Installers and end users should consider the investment cost. Priority will also be given to installing single-phase systems.

In 2018 and onwards, the State will make clear the subsidy implementation of photovoltaic power generation subsidies. While ensuring the investment rate of power plants and the profitability of customers, in order to increase the installed capacity, 8KW single-phase systems will become the best choice for major installation companies.


At present, the maximum power of the single-phase inverters introduced by major inverter manufacturers in China is 6-7KW. When installing 8KW power plants, each manufacturer recommends the use of two inverters of 5KW+3KW or 4KW+4KW. Program. Such a plan will bring a lot of trouble to the installer in terms of construction costs, monitoring, and later operation and maintenance. The newest 8KW single-phase inverter NCA8K-DS of Naton Energy, the output power can reach 8KW, can directly solve the user’s several pain points.

The following Xiaobian to a typical 8KW power plant as an example, take everyone to understand this 8KW single-phase inverter advantage. Thirty-six polycrystalline 265Wp high-efficiency components are selected for customers. The technical parameters of the components are as follows:


According to the traditional 5KW+3KW model, two inverters are required, of which 3KW machines are connected to a total of 10 modules, 5KW machines are connected to two strings, and each module is connected to 10 modules.

Take a look at the electrical parameters of Nathon Energy’s 8KW single-camera NAC8K-DS (as shown in the following table). 30 components are divided into three strings to access the inverter:

MPPT1: 10 string, 2 string access

MPPT2: 10 strings, 1 string access


Natong 8KW single-phase inverter NAC8K-DS primary electrical diagram:


By comparison, it was found that using a Nato Energy NAC8K-DS inverter has great advantages.

1. Cost advantage of construction:

A set of 8KW system if the use of 5KW +3KW or 4KW +4KW mode inverter cost will be around 5000 +, while the use of a Natomic NAC8K-DS single-phase inverter, the cost is around 4000 +. Coupled with the AC cable, DC cable, combiner box and installation labor costs, 8KW system uses Natto energy NAC8K-DC 8KW inverter, a set of systems can save at least 1,500 yuan in cost.


2. Monitoring and after-sales advantages:

Using two inverters, many non-professional users do not know how to generate the power generation data, and they do not know exactly how much power is generated, and the two inverter data also cause difficulties for the installer to calculate the power generation. With a Natco NAC8K-DS inverter, the power generation data is clear and easy to understand.

Natong Energy 8KW single-phase smart PV inverter is also equipped with a powerful monitoring system. After the user registers, the smart hosting can be realized. Users do not need to check the status of the inverter by themselves. After the inverter reports a fault, the customer can receive an automatic prompt at the mobile phone terminal. At the same time, Natong’s after-sales service personnel will also receive the first time. To the failure information, take the initiative to contact the customer to troubleshoot, solve the problem and protect the customer’s profit.


3. The advantages of power generation efficiency:

1).The voltage and frequency of rural weak grids are not stable. Parallel connection of multiple inverters can easily cause resonance, voltage rise, and some more complicated load conditions. The parallel resonance of multiple machines under weak network conditions will cause the output current of the inverter to oscillate, and the abnormal noise of the inductor will change; the output characteristics will be deteriorated, and the inverter will be overcurrent and severely off the network, which will cause the inverter to stop and affect the customer’s profit. After the 8KW system adopts a Natto NAC8K-DS, these conditions will be effectively improved.

2).Compared to the 5KW+3KW or 4KW+4KW models, the KW system uses only one AC cable for the NAC8K-DS inverter, which reduces losses and increases power generation.

8KW system power generation estimation (in Jinan, Shandong Province as an example):

Thirty-six 265Wp high-efficiency components were installed, with a total installed capacity of 7.95 KW. System efficiency = 85%. Light data derived from NASA is shown in the following table. The average daily sunshine duration in Jinan is 4.28*365=1562.2 hours.


The component attenuates by 2.5% in the first year and then declines by 0.6% each year. An 8KW system can be calculated using an 8KW single-motor inverter, NAC8K-DC, with a cumulative power generation of approximately 240,000 kWh in 25 years.


to sum up :

When installing an 8KW system, the use of a 8KW single-phase inverter compared to the traditional method of 5KW+3KW or 4KW+4KW model has great advantages in the early construction cost, post-sale monitoring after-sales, and power generation yield.