RENAC exhibits at Inter Solar India 2018

On December 11-13, 2018, the Inter Solar India exhibition was held in Bangalore, India, which is the most professional exhibition of solar energy, energy storage and electric mobile industry in the Indian market. It’s the first time that Renac Power takes part in the exhibition with a full series of products ranging from 1 to 60 KW, which is very popular with local customers.

Smart Inverters: the preferred for distributed PV Stations 

At the exhibition, the recommended intelligent inverters at the showcase attracted large number of visitors to watch. Compared with traditional string inverters, Renac’s intelligent photovoltaic inverters can achieve multiple functions such as one-key registration, intelligent trusteeship, remote control, hierarchical management, remote upgrade, multi-peak judgment, functional management, automatic alarm and so on, reducing the installation and after-sales costs.



RENAC Operating and Maintenance Management Cloud Platform for PV Station

The RENAC’s operation and maintenance management platform for photovoltaic power plants also drew the visitor’s attention. At the exhibition, many Indian visitors come to inquiry about the platform.