Renac power 2MW Solar project in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the sub equatorial region and has good solar energy resources. The solar radiation in winter is 3-4.5 kWh/m2/day, and in summer is 4.5-6.5 kWh/m2/day. Renewable energy power generation has inherent advantages in Vietnam, and loose government policies accelerate the development of local photovoltaic industry.

At the end of 2020, the 2MW inverter project in Long An, Vietnam, was successfully connected to the grid. The project adopts 24units NAC80K inverters of R3 plus series of Renac Power, and the annual power generation is estimated to be about 3.7 million kWh. The electricity price of Vietnam residents is 0.049-0.107 USD / kWh, and that of industry and commerce is 0.026-0.13 USD / kWh. The power generation of this project will be fully connected to EVA Vietnam electric power company, and the PPA price is 0.0838 USD / kWh. It is estimated that the power station can generate an annual economic benefit of 310000 USD.



Nac80K inverter belongs to R3 plus series which include four specifications of NAC50K, NAC60K, NAC70K and NAC80K so as to meet the needs of customers with different capacities. These series adopted Precise MPPT algorithm, over 99.0% Max. Efficiency, Built-in WiFi / GPRS with real time PV Monitoring, High frequency switching technology- Smaller (Smarter), which could bring better experience to customers. It should be noted that the power generation system is monitored by our self-developed RENAC Energy Management Cloud, which provides not only systematic power station monitoring and data analysis, as well as O&M for different energy systems to realize the maximum ROI.

Equipped with RENAC Energy Management Cloud, it can not only view the power consumption status, power size, photovoltaic output, energy storage output, load consumption and power grid consumption of the equipment in real time, but also support 24-hour remote management and real-time alarm of hidden trouble, providing efficient management and maintenance for later use.


Renac Power has provided a complete package of inverters and monitoring systems for many projects of power station in Vietnam market, all of which are installed and maintained by local service teams. The good compatibility, high efficiency and stability of our products are the important guarantee to create a high rate of return on investment for customers. Renac Power will continue to optimize its solutions and match the needs of customers to assist Vietnam’s new energy economy with integrated smart energy solutions.

With a clear vision and a solid range of products and solutions we remain at the forefront of Solar energy striving to support our partners addressing any commercial and business challenge.