RENAC Shows at 2019 Inter Solar South America

From August 27 to 29, 2019, the Inter Solar South America Exhibition was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. RENAC, along with the latest NAC 4-8K-DS and NAC 6-15K-DT, participated in the exhibition and was very popular with the exhibitors.

Inter Solar South America is one of the largest series of Solar exhibitions in the world. It is the most professional and influential exhibition in the South American market. The exhibition attracts more than 4000 people from around the world, such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

INMETRO Certificate

INMETRO is Brazil’s Accreditation Body, which is responsible for the formulation of Brazilian national standards. It is a necessary step for photovoltaic products to open the Brazilian solar market. Without this certificate, PV products can not pass customs clearance inspection. In May 2019, NAC1.5K-SS, NAC3K-DS, NAC5K-DS, NAC8K-DS, NAC10K-DT developed by RENAC successfully passed the Brazilian INMETRO test, which provided technical and security guarantee for actively exploiting Brazilian market and gaining Brazilian market access. Due to the early acquisition of the Brazilian photovoltaic market knocking brick – INMETRO certificate, at this exhibition, RENAC products attracted much attention from customers!


Full range of household, industrial and commercial products

In view of the growing demand for industrial, commercial and household scenarios in South America market, NAC4-8K-DS single-phase intelligent inverters displayed by RENAC mainly meet the needs of household market. NAC6-15K-DT three-phase inverters are fan-free, with low turn-off DC voltage, longer generation time and higher generation efficiency, which can meet the needs of small type I industry and commerce.

Brazilian solar market, as one of the fastest growing photovoltaic markets in the world, is developing rapidly in 2019. RENAC will continue to cultivate the South American market, expand the South American layout, and bring advanced products and solutions to customers.